WORT Radio Interview, Haitian coffee

WORT Radio Singing Rooster

Blame it on Google  Singing Rooster is headquartered in Madison Wisconsin, renown for hippies, hipsters, and (sorry about the sanctimoniousness) – social justice.  Singing Rooster’s CEO was interviewed by Lee Row who hosts WORT’s longest running radio show, Third World View, covering issues from a critical, anti-imperialist perspective.

The interview was more about the incarnation of Singing Rooster vs. Social Justice (the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities) — but it’s important to acknowledge the thoughtful discourse WORT promotes in our small Midwestern town.

If you want great reading on social justice, Just Coffee (another local icon) was and still is a pioneer in social justice for coffee farmers.  Matt Early went to Central America in 2013 to visit with the small farmers and the communities he and other coffee co-ops have partnered with.  After his return, he declared fair trade dead.

Read his insightful article :  Fair Trade is Dead

If you want to learn more about the genesis of the Rooster and things that inspire us, listen in.