WORT Interviews Singing Rooster

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Radio Talk w/ an Ambitious, Madison nonprofit

A BIG thanks to Lee Row and the WORT FM team in Madison, WI for inviting the Rooster’s Corinne Hale for an interview on Third World View  Sunday, February 28th.

The oldest news show at WORT, Third World View covers issues relating to the “Third World” from a critical, anti-imperialist perspective. The broadcast includes a half-hour round-up of international news, followed by a 20-30 minute feature — that’s us!

Listen in and learn how you can make a difference with your purchase of Haitian coffee and chocolate.

Getting the word out about our work is especially important for Singing Rooster. If no one knows about us, no one knows about Haiti’s third world farmers. We work overtime publicizing Haitian coffee, chocolate and art, and we’re thankful for WORT helping to spread the news!

You can help too.  It’s easy.

Know of an independent coffee shop — independents seek coffee roasted by many different roasters (not just one — you need to ask)? Talk to them about Haitian Mountain Bleu coffee. It’s just as dreamy as Jamaican and Hawaiian roasts with a chocolate finish. Add a little milk for a caramel surprise.

We all have our go-to grocers. Co-ops love us.  Get your community interested in rare Haitian coffee and chocolate by introducing the Rooster to co-ops and farmers’ markets in your area.


Visit Minnesota’s Eastside Food Co-op.

Many schools, churches and non-profits have fundraising events. Share the Rooster’s fundraising program details with your favorite organization. We have helped hundreds raise thousands. Get them on board with step by step instructions and our best strategies for making your event count.

Help farmers win big by sharing Singing Rooster products with your fellow coffee lovers. Great coffee, creamy chocolate, and unique Caribbean art.

Thanks Lee –  so appreciated!