Help spread the word about Singing Rooster

singing rooster grocery store

On your next trip to your natural grocery store, food co-op, or big box, talk to the coffee buyer about Singing Rooster.

Tell them:   Haitian coffee is in demand but hard to find.

Remind them:  There are tens of thousands of Haitian Diaspora living in the U.S. plus thousands more who volunteer in Haiti.  Our coffee attracts new customers.

Offer a personal testimony:  Our Haitian coffee is excellent.


Say:  We are environmentally responsible:  For every bag of coffee, we plant an income-providing tree.

Toss in:  we’re dedicated to paying farmers well above fair trade prices.


Farmers make 66% of each bag sold.

Fair Trade = $1.80 per pound of coffee. We pay AT LEAST $3 per pound (and return money after products sell for building stronger businesses).

Cherry on top:  Conscious consumers support our brand because of our direct buyer relationship with farmer-owned cooperatives. We provide pre-harvest financing and pay well above Fair Trade prices.  Then we roast the farmer’s coffee & return 100% of proceeds back to farmer communities for continued economic development.


End with :  tell him or her to contact Singing Rooster’s sales ambassador Corinne Hale:

Smooch – we’re ever grateful.