Singing Rooster Wholesale Catalog! Haitian coffee, chocolate, art

Singing Rooster's wholesale catalog

Fair Trade Haitian products are in demand but hard to find.

By putting Haitian goods in the office, on the shelves or by fundraising with Haitian products (you buy wholesale), you’re selling quality items people want.  Singing Rooster’s wholesale program offers many benefits:

  • Tens of thousands Haitian Diaspora live in the U.S. There are thousands more who volunteer in Haiti.  Our coffee (chocolate, nibs, art) attracts new customers.
  • We offer a growing product line in bright, uplifting packaging that tells a story conscious consumers support.
  • Our coffee is rare and comes from the same type of coffee plant as the wildly successful Jamaican Blue coffee.
  • 80% of adults drink coffee – why not buy from you? Minimum order 24 bags / 30-35% gross margin, $3-4 profit — excellent for coffee!
  • Member of the Fair Trade Federation

Haitian Art is Fabulous

Plus, margins are excellent:  50%.  Singing Rooster works directly with our producer partners designing commercially viable decor for homes, gardens, life.

2018 wholesale catalog:

Haitian art is a complex mix of tradition, culture and religion. First inhabited by the Taino and Arawak cultures, Haiti was colonized by the French, who kidnapped African slaves to tend coffee and sugar crops. Accordingly, Haitian art has strong African roots with nuances of slavery and colonialism.

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Colorful Marketing Materials

Add marketing materials to your cart (brochures, tent cards, posters).  They ship free with orders.  Have a big company?  Marketing departments enjoy the opportunity we bring in reaching consumers with novel stories that inspire action (cut and paste text & photos formatted for social media & enews)

Haitian coffee, chocolate, & moringa are perfect additions to food co-ops, natural grocery stores, fair trade retailers.
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Singing Rooster  provides wholesale Haitian coffee, chocolate, nibs, and art to grocery stores, food co-ops, natural grocery stores, and fair trade retailers.

Singing Rooster is a social enterprise nonprofit who means business since 2009. Help us support Haiti’s small producers, reforest Haiti & build rural economies with one simple act: buy Haitian coffee, art, chocolate directly from producers through Singing Rooster.

Singing Rooster works with small producers across Haiti.  We exceed fair trade prices for crops and return 100% of proceeds from sales back to farmer communities in the form of agricultural, small business management, and entrepreneurial development activities.

Many claim to work shoulder-to-shoulder with producers — most are exaggerations or plain fabrications.

Transparency sorts through labels and tales. Learn more about Singing Rooster’s work with Haiti’s small coffee & cacao producers –>