wholesale Haitian coffee chocolate canada

Wholesale Haitian coffee, art, cacao, chocolate, – Canada

We’ve been building direct market access for Haiti’s small producers for years.

Along with wholesaling Haitian products to the usual suspects (we supply wholesale coffee, art & chocolate to Fair Trade stores, independent cafes, hotels, offices, etc.) — our wholesale fundraising program has helped hundreds of U.S. and Canadian nonprofits to raise thousands:

  • religious groups, nonprofits big & small
  • schools & clubs
  • individuals like parents adopting children from Haiti
  • any passionate person desiring to spread the great word about autonomy (economy) building in Haiti with coffee, chocolate, art

How it works: Email us to let us know you’re interested or ready to order.

If you have a facility ground in Haiti (guesthouse, orphanage, boutique), we have a wholesale program in Haiti too.Wholesale Roasted Coffee

Wholesale Haitian coffee

Rare, washed Arabica

Creamy Dark Roast

30 Bag Minimum

(but order 60 – same ship cost)

Wholesale Haitian chocolate

Wholesale Haitian chocolate

1.5 oz bars

70% dark certified organic
Ships from the U.S.

Wholesale Haitian Art

Wholesale Haitian Art

We’ve been supporting the same Haitian artists for YEARS.

Small items ship from U.S.

Big order? We’ll ship from Haiti.