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Buy Wholesale Fair Trade Products from Haiti via Singingrooster.org

There’s something magical about specialty gift shops, fair trade stores, and garden centers.  They smell good.  They inspire. They calm.  Haitian goods are captivating as well, and we can help you put handmade art, artisanal coffee and gourmet dark chocolate on the shelves.

fair-trade-haitian-artWe’re Singing Rooster, a member of the Fair Trade Federation and an advocate for Haiti’s small producers for over a decade. We’re a social enterprise nonprofit and work shoulder-to-shoulder with producers.  Your growing Millennial customer base supports companies like Singing Rooster.

This flipbook gives a taste of our offerings.  Create a wholesale account today to see the full catalog!  Your new account provides access to wholesale Haitian coffee, chocolate & art  –>


Our unique, handmade metal art comes from up-cycled oil drums; it’s environmentally responsible and make homes and gardens sparkle.

For Outdoor Use :   the topcoat of varnish wears away over time, and the art piece rusts naturally. Tell customers to maintain the original look by spraying with clear enamel every 2 years (or let nature take its course… it’s beautiful).

Create your  #wholesalefairtradeart account today –>  Please include your company name & link to your website when you forward your registration email back to us.

Haitian Mountain Blue coffee

Haitian coffee Farmers earn 66%

Our wholesale #Haitiancoffee and #Haitianchocolate are as unique as our art.   With consumerism maxing out at “stuff saturation,” fair trade food will continue to be a growing product.


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