Veteran’s Day Reminds Us We’re One Nation

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Veterans Day, November 11th

As we remember and thank our past and present Americans who have served our country, it puts petty and not so petty differences into perspective.

Let’s give pause this day and recognize our collective strength and goals. Let’s give thanks to those among us who gave their lives, families, health, and emotional spirit to fighting for basic American rights, like voting.

These brave souls protect our liberty, freedom of religion, and yes, even our right to peacefully assembly and protests.

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Spread love, not hate

There are 22 million veterans in the United States most living in California, Florida and Texas. Of those 22 million, over 2 million are female. The number of veterans are projected to decrease by 2043, and this is a good thing.

It’s time we come together to solve problems like racism, sexism, economic and environmental injustice with reason and compassion, not anger, fear or hatred.

Learn more about Veteran’s Day then Honor them by loving (supporting, nurturing, helping) your neighbor.