Unique Oil Drum Haitian Art, Eugene Jacques

haitian artist eugine

Meet Eugene Jacques, #Haitianartist

Singing Rooster is opening up markets for Haiti’s small producers, including metal artists in Croix des Bouquets. When you purchase unique pieces of upcycled oil drum art from Haiti, you’re directly helping artists put their kids  through school (over 98% of schools in Haiti are private and require tuition).  With unemployment in Haiti upwards of 60%, when a member of the family like Eugine has employment, it becomes his / her responsibility to pay tuition for nieces and nephews too.

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Spoon Feet by Haitian Artist Eugene Jacques –find this & other unique art from Haiti here

Artists like Eugene, find creative ways to use discarded materials as components transformed into something beautiful. When you shop for unique metal sculptures that are upcycled hammered metal from Haiti’s Iron Village, you’re directly supporting small producer artists.

Eugenes’ Octopui are adorned with green marble eyes and Barbancourt earrings.  Hang together on the wall — indoors or outside in the yard. They add whimsey, great conversation.

How do Haitians turn oil drums into art?

  1. Cut off both ends of oil drum
  2. Stuffing drum with banana leaves to burn off residue
  3. Once cooled, slice down middle and pound flat to create canvas
  4. Draw design on metal with chalk
  5. Pound, snip, chisel, stipple. Done.

Artists often use toes to hold chisels and hammer at lightening speed- working so quickly, observers wince  hoping no toes or fingers are smashed.


In the art districts of Haiti, especially Croix des Bouquet, artists sell handmade pieces for livelihoods including food, education, medical services.

By adding a piece Haitian art to your own unique collection or by  sharing our fundraising program details with your church, school or other organizations, you’re helping Haiti’s small producers develop autonomy.

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