Travel in Haiti Made Easy

travel in haiti minibus

Hire a Driver & New Minivan for  Travel in Haiti

Hire Fedner and his team of experienced drivers; Fedner trains his staff personally.  He is dedicated and will get you to where you’re going in a new mini-bus (we fund entrepreneurs with vision).


Rent a minivan, bus for hire, travel in Haiti

  • experienced drivers for hire based in PaP
  • you’ll help the driver practice rudimentary English – they’ll help you practice Creole
  • 2015 Toyota mini-van
  • seats 12-15 (depending on luggage & other factors)
  • seat belts
  • air conditioned
  • luggage rack on top (back packs inside w/ passengers)


If you have an upcoming trip (landing and departing from Port au Price) and want more details – let us know.

Please include date of arrival, destination, number of people, number of luggage (it’s a weight issue). Please include date of departure & pickup locale.  Include special details like : “We need to stop in Les Cayes for 2 hours on our way back”


Fedner Exantus – owns and operates this service,  Port au Prince Haiti

  • experienced drivers with new minivan for hire in Haiti
  • knows the roads
  • knows when and where to travel
  • based in Port au Prince
  • mission groups, small tourist groups
“We loved Jocelyn! He was very interested in engaging us and teaching us Kreyol. He is a careful driver which was appreciated by our older travelers.” Heidi Ropa, Wisconsin Haiti Project