A Taste of Haitian Chocolate

best cacao haiti bean to bar

Building Rural Economies in Haiti w/ Chocolate Bars

Haitians have been growing cacao for centuries.  Cacao crops are the raw form of chocolate bars. A centuries old tradition, Haitians have mastered the art of growing some of the world’s best cacao — among the elite 3% of top cacao. Grown in Northern Haiti, our cacao is chosen with care and presented as a special and rare treat.

We transform the farmer’s harvest into higher value products so that Haitian farmers may reap financial benefits from crops.

haitian chocolate bars roosterTry Haitian chocolate today!

The Rooster is excited to be one of the few to introduce Haitian chocolate to the U.S. market. We are not the first and I’m sure we will not be the last, but chocolate is key to a more sustainable Haiti.

Just by eating Singing Rooster’s chocolate bars, you’re helping to create economic sustainability in rural areas.  Cacao growing and processing employs thousands and Singing Rooster has been directly supporting small producers for over a decade.  Learn more about our work in Haiti.

The more cacao we buy, the more money farmers are able to make. The more money farmers make, the bigger the possibilities become. Our U.S. and Haitian staff share a dream of an autonomous Haiti with a thriving economy. It is our belief that chocolate will take our efforts to a whole new level.

Help spread the word about our premium cacao — start by eating a delicious gourmet bar, then introduce us to markets near you. You can take it a step further and test our chocolate on your unsuspecting Valentine. Their taste buds will thank you.