Plant Income Providing Trees in Haiti


Coffee trees provide farmers with valuable income AND promote reforestation in a country with less than 5% tree coverage. A single coffee seedling = 20 years of income

*we will email you a PDF tax deductible receipt for your donation (with a big hearty thanks!)

  • $10 plants 40 coffee seedlings
  • $25 plants 100 coffee seedlings
  • $50 plants 200 coffee seedlings
  • $100 plants 400 coffee seedlings

Coffee trees have a perfect root structure for holding delicate mountain soil in place: horizontal roots stretch for meters.

Since coffee provides income, they won’t be cut down for firewood.

Coffee trees thrive in the shade of larger trees, and therefore they serve as protectors of the forest (shade trees won’t be cut down either and become havens for birds). Learn more on why is Haiti so deforested.




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