where to buy haitian coffee
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Where to Buy Haitian Coffee in Haiti

Singing Rooster’s Fresh roasted Haitian coffee ( directly from farmer cooperatives ) is now available in Haiti at

• Caribbean Market
• Haiti Design Co-op Cafe
• Papillion Enterprise
• Haiti Communitere Guesthouse
• Matthew 25 Guesthouse
• Haiti Made Cafe (Christianville)
• PaP Airport (upstairs)
• Boutique at Karibe Hôtel
• GIANT PV Supermarket – Delma
• EAGLE Supermarket
• Stop and Go Supermarket
• Belmart Market
• Gift shop at Marriott Hotel
• 2nd Story Goods Gift Shop
• Deux Mains
• Lakou Lakay Gift Shop
• Agape to the Nations
• Ti Kokoye
• House of Hope Guesthouse
• many, many more!

Want to offer the farmer’s coffee at your guesthouse, cafe, store? Contact Kok ki Chante, we’ll help you create a wholesale account.