54.5Kg/120Lb Sack of Haitian Green for Artisanal Roasters

You’re an artisanal roaster and need a sizeable amount of a beautiful, new origin.  Singing Rooster works with coffee farmers across Haiti and Haitian coffee is perfect to add to your lineup.  It makes a sublime espresso, drip and cold brew.

FREE SHIPPING to the 48 contiguous states is included.  The original jute sack imported from Haiti, packed & lined in grainpro.

  1. Three Mountains: $799/sack
  2. Savane Zombie: $799/sack
  3. Baptiste Blue: $799/sack
  4. Singing Rooster Haitian Honey: $825/sack

If you want to first receive cupping samples of each, click here. Cost of samples is credited with first purchase of $500.

Download our helpful roasting Haitian green coffee guide.

Need multiple sacks to ship on a pallet?  Email us

Varietal = 100% Arabica – washed and honied (Typica, Bourbon, Catura & Catimor)

All of our coffee is grown organically (not certified but we are working on it).

Learn about our work w/ Haitian coffee farmers.