A Reusable K cup Coffee Filter


You love Haitian coffee & your single serve machine. You detest environmental waste.

Now offering an at cost – Bright Purple Reusable K cup Coffee Pod Filter

  • Compatible with Keurig 2.0 & 1.0 (other brewers too)
  • DURABLE, EASY TO USE – lid is connected & won’t fall off, fine stainless steel mesh ensures maximum extraction, easy to clean. ¬†Use a medium-grind for coffee; too fine a grind may block water flow.
  • BPA Free, 100% dishwasher safe

Having a problem using any third-party kup in your Keurig? Carefully peel the lid off of one of their kups. Place the peel over the kup you want to use. Keep this peel for repeated use.

Quantity Discount Per Item Price
3+ -$1.00 $1.25