Recurring Donation -Jason Unze

From: $50.00 / month

Your monthly recurring donation is tax deductible and directly supports Jason’s family.  It also continues Singing Rooster’s directive of helping to build a self-sustaining Haiti through Jason’s work.

In early 2012, Jason was called to live and serve in Haiti.  Within a year, he and his wife Erika, co-founded a community development organization to assist the remote village of Belle Anse, on the southern coast of Haiti.  Three years later, Jason and Erika moved because of safety concerns; their hearts were heavy as they realized they must leave the village they had grown to love.

Co-founder Molly Nicaise of Singing Rooster met Jason in late 2016 and was touched by his story.  While the Unze family continues to live in Haiti, Jason regularly travels to the U.S. and is now an Ambassador for Singing Rooster.  He continues to be an amazing advocate for building inroads to markets for Haitian coffee, chocolate and art.


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