Peanut Moringa Chocolate Bar


Wholesale:  6 Ingredients, 1.5 oz / 42 g bars:  25 pack carton

Each bar = $1.90 wholesale; retail for $3 — 36% margin!

*chocolate ships free w/ any coffee or art order:  $90 minimum order = 2 cartons (or 1 carton & 6 bags of nibs or 1 bowl of w/ 40 bars)

The crunch of a peanut dusted in Moringa powder (finely ground leaves from the Moringa tree tastes a bit like tea), surrounded by dark Haitian chocolate.  How’d we come up with this?  We’re a little nuts.  You get the health benefits of dark chocolate, peanuts AND moringa:  rich in vitamin C, protein and free-radical-fighting antioxidants.

Tell customers this:  Peanuts support the livelihoods of thousands in Haiti and Moringa is quickly becoming a sustainable employment opportunity for hundreds.  We couldn’t think of a better tribute.  Our farm-to-table chocolate empowers rural families w/ social & environmental responsibility: paying BETTER than fair trade, improving then adding value to crops, reforesting w/ income-providing trees, opening access to markets.

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