Buy an Artist an Oil Drum


Life is lively but challenging in Haiti’s metal art district. The clinking and pounding is distinct to this bustling village a mere 12 kilometers North east of Port au Prince.

Artists spend long hours upcycling oil drums into art. And it’s something to see.

For over a decade, #Singingrooster has been a champion of the artists who live here.  Your tax deductible gift buys an oil drum.  This is important because Haiti’s markets (food, gas, supplies, whatever) fluctuate dramatically.  Sometimes day-to-day. Your $35 contribution provides stability.

Want to gift on behalf of another?  We’ll send your designee a fancy email w/ images describing the gift.  Leave us an “order note” on what to write & include your designee’s email address.  We’ll take it from there (we’ll carbon you).




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