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Haitian Painting, Magda Magloire


Haitian Painting,  Magda Magloire

Plane & Tap Tap Bus

Acrylic Painting, circa 2015,  Measures about 24″ wide x 20″ high with 1-2″ of sheet leftover for framing

Magda Magloire was born on December 13th, 1957 near Port au Prince Haiti.

She is the daughter of painter Louisiane St. Fleurant, a founding member of the Saint Soeil school of painting. Louisianne was so impressed with President Paul Magloire that she gave all of her children his last name.

Magda began painting later in life around age 35, with the encouragement of her mother and other members of the St. Soleil school.

Magda’s paintings are vibrant, whimsical, pure Haitian. Her style reflects African roots with ties to religion, daily life, & optimism.

Singing Rooster is a patron of Haitian arts.  We LOVE one-of-a-kind #haitianpaintings; they’re unique, special, to be cherished.  We’ve been carrying her paintings for years.  Magda Magloire is an excellent representative of Haitian painters.

We return 100% of proceeds to support economy-building w/ small producers in Haiti.

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