5 pounds, Haitian Honey Coffee


Singing Rooster’s Haitian Honey processed coffee now available in bulk 5 pound bags.  We leave on some of the pulp and let it ferment for an extended period.  Not only does this save water for a country that badly needs it, but also, honey processed coffees offer sweeter profiles and full bodies. If you enjoy coffee that has that well done taste – do know that this coffee has a lighter profile — keen tasters can pick up a definitive taste of chedeque — Haiti’s grapefruit, dried raisin & milk chocolate. Why is it called “honey?”  Because of a gooey fermentation — it’s sticky and attracts bees! Are you a home roaster?  Try a green sample of honey processed Haitian coffee today! Mix & Match:  Buy 3 or more premium bags & save $1 per bag ! #yourcupmatters


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