Haitian Honey – 1 Lb green for roasting


Region:  Singing Rooster’s Mare Blanche farm, Haiti
Drying station: 3770’, uniform screen size
Surrounding Vegetation:  banana, plantain, grapefruit, almond & citrus trees
Varietal = 100% Arabica – honey processed (Typica, Bourbon, Catura & Catimor)

Singing Rooster’s Haitian Honey is a hit with home roasters!  This is our FIRST honey processed coffee where we leave on some of the pulp and then let it ferment for an extended period.  Not only does this save water for a country who badly needs it, but also, honey processed coffees offer sweeter profiles and fuller bodies.

Roasting Profile:   Don’t try to roast honey coffees like a wet processed lot. You’ll either burn them or lose the very qualities you’re trying to capture. Instead, roast more slowly and on the lighter side – when you do, this coffee reveals sweet milk chocolate, dry grapefruit & raisins.

Buy a sample $8.50/lb below. 

Email us if you want a box (22Kg/48.5Lb) or an entire sack (55Kg/132Lb): $6.35/Lb

Learn about our work w/ Haitian coffee farmers.

Download our helpful roasting Haitian green coffee guide.




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