Blue Pine Forest Haitian Green Coffee


Region:  Blue Pine Forest, Haiti
Washing station: washing station 2820’, uniform screen size
Surrounding Vegetation:  banana, plantain, cacao
Varietal = 100% Arabica typica – washed

Haiti’s Pine Forest is renown for coffee.   The lush landscape is rare in Haiti.  The Pine Forest is an active place — the main thoroughfare for the Saturday market.

Blue Pine Forest is classically Caribbean — chocolaty sweet with mellow citrus-highlights. It’s a perfect cup for those who like to ease into the day or relax with coffee after work.   A medium dark roast reveals a rich, baker’s chocolate-caramel flavor with floral notes and dark fruit.

Buy a sample $8.50/lb.   Email us if you want an entire sack $5.35/lb  (132 pounds FOB Wisconsin). Details on green Haitian coffee

Learn about our work w/ Haitian coffee farmers.



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