Cold Brew Haitian coffee Special


3 bags of Tete Source – Premium Haitian Mountain Blue Coffees, 12 ounces each.

Medium-dark roasted Haitian coffee.  Rich, velvety chocolate body — perfect for cold brew!  (sublime hot in a press or as espresso too)

What is cold brew?  It’s coffee that sits in water on the counter for 24 hours.   Haitian coffee is ideally suited to make a rich, chocolaty cold brewed coffee with low acidity and malty flavors.

Download our easy cold brew instructions — our perfect recipe for #haitiancoffee.

Sending as a gift?  Add an “Order Note” and we’ll write a special card.

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Quantity Discount Per Item Price
3+ -$1.00 $45.50
Quantity Discount Per Item Price
3+ -$1.00 $45.50

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