3 pounds, Haitian Cacao (raw, unroasted)


Buy 3 pounds of raw / unroasted, fermented cacao beans

  • Rare, Unique, Fair Trade, Organic
  • Producer:  Farmer-owned :  FECANO/KAFUPBO
  • Dominating genetic origins : Trinitario, Criollo
  • Certified Organic :  ECOCERT
  • Certified Fair Trade :  FLO
  • Region:  Northern Haiti (see map)

We’ll include our tip sheet with each order; plus, we have an online article about Roasting Haitian cacao:  advice & troubleshooting.

Want a 120 pound sack?  Limited supply — only 12 sacks in 2021.   Contact Molly

Else, check out our new 48.25 lb box of cacao (it’s a shipping thing — 50 pound box minimizes ship costs).

Learn more about Singing Rooster’s partnership with Haitian cacao farmers.


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