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Our fearless co-founder Christophe and guy who leads our work in Haiti passed away May 15 from lung cancer.  This fabulous, healthy, nonsmoking, 58-year old guy who gave Haiti everything has left us with a significant void.  Singing Rooster in the States will be fine – Molly and Joel have things covered (we’ll be slower, we’ll make more mistakes, you’ll be forgiving).  There will be no interruption in the shipping of coffee, chocolate & art.

It’s our direct work in Haiti that will be challenging, but we have a solution with your help. Help us find the funds to support Justin – who we already know well.  He can support our team in Haiti and continue the work towards helping our Haitian partners to take full ownership of operations (our original goal all along).

*We will email you a PDF tax deductible receipt for your donation (with a big hearty thanks!)


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