5 x 1lb Home Roaster’s Pack


5 x  1 lb samples from ALL major coffee sectors in Haiti.  We’re the only group who works with coffee farmers across Hispanolia (Haiti).

Varietals are 100% Arabica typica and Arabica blue mountain (washed).

All of our coffee is grown organically (not certified but we are working on it).

  1. Blue Pine Forest
  2. Collin  (Haiti’s coffee of the year)
  3. Mare Blanche
  4. Tete Source (Haiti’s cup of excellence)
  5. Baptist

*if you’re a commercial roaster and want to sample our honey processed coffee, shoot us an email immediately after your order & ask that we include our new honey processed coffee sample; with water at a premium in Haiti, we’ve been experimenting with natural coffees.  Honey processed available in 2019/

Learn about our work w/ Haitian coffee farmers.