Chief Coffee, Haitian art sculpture


Chief Coffee is an original Haitian art sculpture.

Handmade from recycled, mixed media:  metal oil drum face & ceremonial wings, ornate fan necklace, seashell earrings, flip-flop body.

He’s one of a kind and adorable.

He watched over coffee fields for years and has earned his retirement on your mantle.  Paint can lid helps him to stand guard in your living room.

Measures 17″ tall x 17″ wide at his widest (metal wings)

Photo of Haitian Artist Claude Baptist accompanies artwork.

Singing Rooster is a member of the #FTF (Fair Trade Federation) and patron of Haitian arts.  We LOVE one-of-a-kind metal sculptures from recycled materials; they’re unique, special, to be cherished.  Haitian artists are not just creative, their art provides income to purchase clean water and tuition for schools (there is no public education in Haiti).

We return 100% of proceeds to support economy-building w/ small producers in Haiti.

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