35 pounds fermented, raw Haitian Cacao


Buy a box of raw (unroasted) fermented cacao from Haiti; 35 pounds packed in grainpro.  Need less?  We sell it by 3 pounds too. Bean to Bar chocolate makers are falling in love with Haitian cacao.  We hear the same complements over & over :

“Haitian cacao is rich, smooth, and fruity.  There’s an essence of jasmine and a surprising note of licorice.  It’s mellow, smooth, unique.”

“We have had amazing reactions to the quality of the Kafupbo chocolate at the The Big Chocolate Show in NYC. Marshmallow.  Chocolate cake.”

Buy a box of 35 pounds / $4.60 lb + $49 shipping

Rare, Unique, Fair Trade, Organic
Producer:  Farmer-owned :  FECANO/KAFUPBO
Dominating genetic origins : Trinitario, Criollo
Certified Organic :  ECOCERT
Certified Fair Trade :  FLO
Region:  Northern Haiti (see map)

Read our online article about Roasting Haitian cacao:  advice & troubleshooting.  Download our tip sheet for roasting Haitian cacao.

Learn more about Singing Rooster’s partnership with Haitian cacao farmers.


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