Bucket Head, metal sculpture from Haiti


Bucket Head is one of a kind, original Haitian art.

Handmade from upcycled metal oil drum.  Sculpture stands on counter, pedestal. Signed by Artist Eugene Jacques (in dress — above first 2 bottle caps on right).

Barbancourt bottle caps on dress move with the beat.  Forks for arms.  Gold caps on dress.  Fabulous detail.

Measures 22″ tall x ~18″ wide

Singing Rooster is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and patron of Haitian arts.  We LOVE one-of-a-kind metal sculptures from recycled materials; they’re unique, special, to be cherished.  Haitian artists are not just creative, their art provides income to purchase clean water and tuition for schools (there is no public education in Haiti).

We return 100% of proceeds to support economy-building w/ small producers in Haiti.

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