Big, 18″ Children of the World


Children  surround the world holding hands in peace, harmony.  Hang this on your front door & all will know it’s a welcoming house-hold.

This handmade art was cut from a recycled oil drum.  It’s bigger than others we carry – so we only have this art piece every now & then. Delicate stippling details clothing on this handmade piece of art from Haiti.

A spectacular 18″ diameter — indoors or out

Singing Rooster is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and patron of Haitian arts.  We LOVE unique metal sculptures from upcycled materials.  Haitian artists are not just creative, their art provides income to purchase clean water and tuition for schools (there is little public education in Haiti).

We return 100% of proceeds to support economy-building w/ small producers in Haiti.


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