Gifting Artist Tools – Croix des Bouquets


The metal artists of Croix des Bouquets have suffered more than most in Haiti during the last several years.  Gangs infested their village and terrorized people.  As things worsened, villagers fled.  When they returned, they discovered missing/looted tools.  Help Singing Rooster replenish artist tools. We have a donor who will match up to $2,000 (thanks Nancy). They’ll never know your face, but they know your heart.

*We will email you a PDF tax deductible receipt for your donation (with a big hearty thanks!)

Want to gift on behalf of another?  We’ll send your designee a fancy email w/ images describing the gift.  Leave us an “order note” with your designee’s email address.  We’ll take it from there (we’ll carbon you).

  • $25 buys 2 chisels
  • $50 buys chisels and hand-held sledge hammer
  • $100 buys chisel set, hammers, wire brush
  • $250 buys tool set for 3 artists
  • $500 buys several tool sets, gloves, ear plugs, etc.

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