5 x 8 oz Cupping Pack, Haitian Green Coffee


5 x 8oz samples from ALL major coffee sectors in Haiti.  We’re the only group who works with coffee farmers across Haiti.

Varietal = 100% Arabica – washed and honied (Typica, Bourbon, Catura & Catimor)

All of our coffee is grown organically (not certified but we are working on it).

  1. Blue Pine Forest
  2. Three Mountains
  3. Savane Zombie
  4. Baptiste Bleu
  5. Singing Rooster Haitian Honey

Download our helpful roasting Haitian green coffee guide.

Email us if you want an entire sack (55Kg/120Lb) or more:  $5.35 – $6.35/Lb

Learn about our work w/ Haitian coffee farmers.




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