5 Chocolate Bars


Choices, choices.  We’re making it easy on you.  Buy all 5 flavors — share with someone to spread the word about supporting #Haitifarmers.

70% Dark, luscious chocolate, 5 flavors, ONE really important reason:  Haiti’s cacao farmers win (so does the ESPWA orphanage & clinic).

  1. plain
  2. lemon with melt in your mouth ginger pieces
  3. orange crunch (toasted nibs)
  4. peanuts covered w/ moringa powder
  5. cinnamon/cayenne

Haitian chocolate is rare and offers tasting notes of Red Fruit, Hazelnut, Jasmine, Licorice, and White Pepper.

nonGMO       vegan       gluten-free       soy free       superfood

Our farm-to-table Haitian chocolate is milky, sweet, not bitter AND empowers rural families w/ social & environmental responsibility: paying BETTER than fair trade, improving then adding value to crops, reforesting w/ income-providing trees, opening access to markets.  Buy Haitian chocolate today!


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