3 Full Size Bags Sampler


Decisions, Decisions, Buy all 3 :

Cuckoo-Roo is a medium-dark roasted Haitian coffee. Rich, velvety chocolate body with a natural fruity finish.

French, our darkest roast : we carefully roast so beans don’t get too dark & lose flavor (dark shiny beans are great for photos, not for drinking). Deep, smoky-taste with hints of attractive bittersweet flavors.

Tete Source is a medium-dark roasted coffee. This coffee excels at Espresso application (French press & drip brew too).


Haitian coffee is classically Caribbean: rich chocolaty flavors with an essence of lemon. Singing Rooster is the farmer’s partner + proceeds help provide refuge to those fleeing oppression, violence, hunger, war. Learn more about Every Campus a Refuge.