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Shop Online for Mother’s Day & support Moms in Haiti

Shop Mother’s Day gifts online: Haitian coffee, chocolate, art. Directly support Haiti #SingingRooster #yourcupmatters #haitiancoffee. Singing Rooster – a social enterprise nonprofit who means business. We work with small producers in coffee, chocolate, art. We sell their goods and take 100% of proceeds earned back to Haiti to build better businesses– especially for moms. Moms are the backbone of Haiti’s coffee economy. They plant and harvest trees then spend hours sorting and bagging coffee.

Shop Mother's Day Gifts Online - Haitian chocolate, art, coffee
Haitian coffee subscription for Mom
Send mom a bag of coffee & chocolate bar every month. Presto. You’re now her favorite child.

Want to help mothers in Haiti? Put Haitian coffee on the table each morning. Buy YOUR mom Haitian coffee online — your purchase directly supports somebody’s mom in Haiti.

Better yet, set mom up with a monthly delivery: Haitian coffee subscription. We’ll automatically send mom her favorite coffee each month. We even have a subscription that adds in a dark Haitian chocolate bar.

Love Mom to the Moon & Back Metal Wall Art

love you to the Moon wall art, Haiti
Love Mom to the Moon & Back

Mom will love our metal word art so much, she’ll wish you bought more. About 17″ wide x 8″ tall. Shop mother’s day gifts from Haiti – because #yourartmatters.

Dark Haitian Chocolate Bars – perfect gift for Mom

Dark chocolate is always the perfect gift for mom. We have different flavors because variety is the spice of life. All of our bars have a 78% chocolate base, then we mix it up by sprinkling on dried Wisconsin cranberries or sea salt or roasted coffee! For the winter holidays, we go a bit crazy & sprinkle on crushed peppermint bits. Go nutty on Mother’s Day – send mom a CARTON of Haitian chocolate at wholesale prices (nobody has to know you saved a few bucks). Buy wholesale Haitian chocolate today –>

Shop Mother's Day Gifts Online - Haitian chocolate, art, coffee
Wholesale, Dark, Organic Haitian Chocolate bars

Haitian Chocolate AND Art

For a truly special gift for mom – we fill our handmade metal bowl with 4 dark chocolate bars. She’ll likely snarf down the bars in a matter of days (no judgement – our chocolate is that good), but the delicate, upcycled bowl will last a lifetime. The Haitian artist (designer + fabricator) is Mackinson; he’s new to the Singing Rooster family, and we couldn’t be prouder tp know him. Your purchase of this gift directly supports our small producer artists & we thank you. Purchase this special Mother’s Day gift online today.

Mackinson makes these bowls by hand – then “signs” his name in the steel on the bottom – it’s remarkable.

Haitian Art Just for Mom

mother earth tree of life haiti

If mom is a patron of the arts, Singing Rooster has a fabulous Mother earth tree of life.

She’s bold, a bit sassy (just like mom), and she’s hand-chiseled from upcycled steel.

That means mom can hang her inside or out.

Buy Singing Rooster’s Mother Earth Tree of Life here –>

Big Kahuna Gift Basket – free ship

You’re a big fan of mom – she’s done a lot for you. Show her appreciation by sending her the big one — a metal art basket filled with Haitian goodies: coffee, chocolate. We’ll toss in a hand embroidered Love greeting card. Mom will love you for it.

buy mother's day gifts online, from Haiti

We grow by word of mouth. If you appreciate our work, tell your friends to shop Singing Rooster for mother’s day gifts — the finest Haitian coffee, chocolate & art online. We thank you because #yourcupmatters.