School Fundraising, Chocolate & Coffee

school fund raising fundraiser with coffee

School Fundraising Ideas:  use Haitian Coffee, Chocolate, Art

Hey parents, kids, teachers:  Add  Fair Trade #Haitiancoffee, chocolate & art to your next school fundraiser & generate proceeds fast — while simultaneously supporting Haiti’s small producers.

Wholesale Haitian coffee, art, cacao

  • 80% of adults drink coffee
  • Haitian coffee is excellent — chocolaty sweet with mellow citrus-highlights. It’s the perfect way to raise money.
  • We offer different Roasts, Decaf AND Single Serve Haitian coffee
  • 24 minimum, 12 ounce bags, flat ship
  • Set your own retail price — earn a minimum of $3 a bag — over 30% profit margins!

Now add in Chocolate (available Sept-May) & watch proceeds grow:


  • Haiti grows elite cacao; we spin it into products people love.
  • Our chocolate is certified organic and fair trade.
  • Rich, smooth & creamy dark chocolate with a fruity essence.
  • Our chocolate line is GROWING :  chocolate bars, roasted nibs & hot cocoa by Christmas
  • 35%+ profit margins on chocolate


school fundraiser idea: Haitian coffee, chocolate, art

school fundraiser idea: #Haitianart

Fair Trade Haitian Art:

For special occasions, like a Fair Trade event at school or Holiday open house, sell #Haitianart.

Retail art for up to twice wholesale price — 50% margin. Haitian metal art is made from upcycled steel and is unique.

school fundraiser idea: Haitian coffee, chocolate, art

school fundraiser idea: #Haitiancoffee

Supporting small Producers is a Great Lesson

Not only will students generate excellent profits with coffee, chocolate & art, fundraising with Haitian goods directly supports Haiti’s small-producers and makes a significant impact on their lives.

There’s no better way to raise money for school fundraising events while teaching children about about the importance of directly supporting those in greatest need.


Here’s How :

  1.  read through the wholesale FAQ — we have some great details here!
  2.  register an account (upper right hand corner on site)
  3.  next, forward the email you receive to
    • include your school’s name & a link to your schools’ website
  4. we’ll email you directions on how  to access wholesale ordering
  5. registration/login allows you to track past orders, print invoices, etc.
  6. take advantage of our helpful stuff:  great fundraising ideastools/templates — including cut and paste materials

Have questions?  Give us a call or shoot us an email:    608-721-0622  or email Singing Rooster