Reforesting Haiti with Coffee has BIG Impact

Haitian coffee seedling fundraiser

When you donate to Singing Rooster’s Haitian coffee seedling program, you’re helping to reforest Haiti w/ income-providing coffee trees. But it’s bigger than that.

In 1923, 60% of Haiti was covered by lush forests; by 2006, less than 6% remained. The reason for Haiti’s deforestation is complex, and we cover it in a different article (link below). For now, we’re helping Haitian mountains recover from the devastation (top soil loss, empty water sheds, massive flooding). Your donation allows #singingrooster to plant seedling nurseries that reforest Haitian mountains with income-providing coffee trees.  Across the years, we’ve planted hundreds of thousands of trees in Haiti’s highest mountains / pre-existing coffee lands:

  • Fond Jean Noel
  • Beaumont (the eye of Hurricane Matthew – TOTAL devastation in 2016)
  • Thiotte (Haiti’s coffee mecca)
  • Cahos/Artibonite
  • Dondon
  • Baptist

The Impact of $8000 (the perfect sized nursery)

reforest Haiti mountains coffee
  • 32,000 income-providing trees for 20 years
  • over 640,000 pounds of coffee across lifespan of trees
  • over $2,200,000 directly into farmer pockets
  • soil stability, watersheds
  • protection of taller, old-growth trees (now bird habitats)
  • sustains thousands of jobs

We KNOW agriculture is a great pathway to a self-sustaining Haiti.  Your commitment to drink Haitian coffee and eat Haitian chocolate is a simple solution. We have you and Haiti covered.

fond jean noel haiti
Getting to and from coffee fields in Fonds Jean Noel takes good shoes (and endurance)

And we thank you. We also thank amazing people /companies who have been generous with our reforesting Haiti program:

  • H2Tronics
  • CREA (thanks Sr. Ruth)
  • Water One
  • Innovative Waters (the owner is awesome!)
  • Dr. Bronner’s Family Foundation
  • Rosie’s Cafe
  • HOH Water Technology
  • International Chemtex
  • Xelera
  • Many Hands for Haiti (thanks Tim Brand)
  • Advantage Water Engineering
  • Klenzoid
  • Christ the King, Nashville (Earl, you’re bigger than you know)

Learn more about why Haiti is so deforested. Read why deforestation made Hurricane so much worse than it should have been. Then Join us. Donate to our coffee seedling program today!  We’re appreciative. We’ll email you a tax deduction / donation receipt for your records.

We run specials on Earth Day so that folks become aware of our work in Haiti. We appreciate it when you share us with friends/family! Do so by sending them our Earth Day Haitian coffee special:

This Earth Day – buy 2 Bags of Haitian coffee and plant 40 coffee seedlings. We’ll toss in a postcard detailing our work.