THANKS – Coffee Seedling Funds Raised!

Haitian coffee seedling fundraiser

We’re planting 32,000 coffee trees in Haiti (thanks to you)

Because of your generosity – Singing Rooster raised $8,000 on Earth Day 2016 for a new coffee seedling nursery that will help #reforestHaiti mountains with coffee.  We’re recruiting WOMEN coffee farmers for these seedlings.

These amazing companies matched your dollars:

    • H2Tronics
    • Water One
    • Innovative Waters
    • HOH Water Technology
    • International Chemtex
    • Xelera
    • Advantage Water Engineering
    • Klenzoid

That’s a whopping $8,000 for a seedling nursery near Fond Jean Noel / Belle Anse, Haiti.

reforest Haiti mountains coffee

Reforesting Haitian Mountains w/ Coffee, Singing Rooster

$8,000 = 32,000 coffee trees which grow into earth-stabilizing and income-providing trees for 20 years :

  • over 640,000 pounds of coffee across lifespan of trees
  • over $2,200,000 directly into farmer pockets
  • soil stability, watersheds, & water availability
  • protection of taller, old-growth trees, bird habitats
  • sustains thousands of jobs (dignity & autonomy)

We KNOW agriculture is a great pathway to a self-sustaining Haiti.  Your commitment to drink Haitian coffee and eat Haitian chocolate seems like a simple solution – but we know it takes time and effort.

And we thank you.

If you’d still  like to make a donation — we’re appreciative; we’re building much-needed nurseries across this tiny island nation.  Donate to our coffee seedling fundraiser today!

The walk up the mountains Near Fond Jean Noel is steep.

Reforesting Haitian Mountains w/ Coffee, Singing Rooster

Along the way, we see painted stone houses and beautiful creole gardens.

[/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner fade_animation_offset=”45px” width=”1/3″]Reforesting Haitian Mountains w/ Coffee, Singing Rooster

The view at the top is worth it — but notice the far mountain?  It’s bare.

Learn more about why coffee trees are important for Haiti’s bare mountains; Singing Rooster plants tens of thousands of coffee trees to help reforest Haiti.  Join us.