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Cat Lovers Unite$12.50
darling metal cat garden stakes from Haiti; handmade upcycled steel
Pair Cat garden stakes: mom & kitten$22.50
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6 dog ornaments: 3 profile, 3 paws$30.00
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Serene Mountainscape Metal Tri-fold$24.90
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Blue Sea Turtle, 12x13$17.00
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6 Blue Sea Turtle Ornaments$30.00
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6 Green Sea Turtle Ornaments$30.00
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Green Sea Turtle, 12x13 $10.00
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6 Sea Horse Ornaments$30.00
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Sea Horse, Golden Mask$10.00
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Mama & Baby Owl Sculptures$35.00
fabulous metal pileated woodpecker art. Hand chiseled upcycled metal. #fairtrade
Pileated woodpecker art - nail to tree$10.50
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Mama & Baby Elephant Wall Art$24.00
Trio of fun-loving, metal chicken garden stakes. Handmade from upcycled steel in Haiti
3 Chicken garden stakes$45.00
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Christmas Cardinal 14"x13"$19.00
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