Fundraise with Haitian Coffee

haitian coffee fundraiser

80% of Adults Drink Coffee –  Haiti has an exceptional bean & was the world’s 3rd largest coffee supplier in 1949.  Coffee plays an important role in Haiti’s economy: it provides income diversification, there are tens of thousands of jobs for small producers, and coffee trees are environmentally essential for reforestation and soil management (link). Show supporters you’re committed to building autonomy in Haiti by incorporating Haitian coffee into your fundraising activities (and then encourage them to drink it all-year round). Email us for details on how our coffee fundraiser works. … Read More

Raise Money with Haitian Art

Haitian art fundraiser

Haitian art is world-renown.  Most island nations import every drop of oil. Haitians are the only ones to recycle containers so beautifully.  We wholesale Haitian art for your fundraising events.  Art is a  great addition to coffee – you’ll raise money faster with art (higher proceeds), but coffee will be a better fundraiser over time (they work hand-in-hand). Use coffee as a fundraiser all year long & art strategically: Thanksgiving Day Basket or Christmas Sale or Fair Trade Festival  (we’re fair trade certified) or Valentine’s Day or … Read More

Haitian Chocolate Fund Raiser

Haitian chocolate fundraiser, Singing Rooster

Haitian chocolate is rare – upper 3% of ALL chocolate produced on Earth. It’s smooth, silky & savory.  Buy Hershey’s for the kids – because you’re going to want to hide this.  Haitian chocolate is special, unique and provides thousands of jobs for small-scale producers. We’re working with a gourmet chocolate house candy maker near Madison & we’re hoping to add chocolate bars to our fundraising line up this fall. If you’re excited about our Haitian chocolate & want to keep up to date – best way is to … Read More