A Taste of Haitian Chocolate


Chocolate and Sustainability in Haiti When it comes to cacao, Haitians know what they are doing. A centuries old tradition, Haitians have mastered the art of growing some of the world’s richest cacao. Grown in Northern Haiti, our cacao is chosen with care and presented to you as a special and rare chocolate treat. We transform the farmer’s harvest into … Read More

for your Valentine


Make an impression this Valentine’s Day –   Go Haitian Our best Valentine’s Gift Ever is a box of love that will earn you a big hug, maybe more.  2 bags of coffee, 2 sachets of chocolate & a piece of art to remind him/her all year long just how you feel. And it’s under 50 bucks (nobody needs to know) There … Read More

Travel in Haiti Made Easy


We know, we know. Travel in Haiti is Hard He’s an experienced driver, dedicated and now has a new mini-bus (we fund entrepreneurs with vision). If you have an upcoming trip (landing and departing from Port au Price) and want more details – let us know. Include special details like : “We need to stop in Les Cayes for 2 hours on our … Read More

Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras


What goes better with pancakes than … coffee? If you’re hosting a Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras Pancake event – serve & sell Haitian coffee !  Add some Haitian chocolate & make it a real party. Biggest winners?  Haiti’s small producers.  Learn more about adding Haitian coffee & chocolate to your fund raising arsenal. 10 Things you didn’t know about Shrove … Read More