Pledge to Drink Haitian Coffee (coffee cart fundraiser)

raise money w/ a Haitian coffee cart

Great Fundraising Idea Nonprofits:   Monthly Coffee Cart / Coffee Subscription 80% of adults drink and will spend $300+ a year on coffee — why not Haitian? Get folks to pledge / sign up to drink Haitian (for a year?). Distribute bags via a coffee cart / table on the first Sunday of the month.  At the office or school, put … Read More

Reforest Haiti w/ income producing crops

Reforest Haiti with coffee, cocoa
Reforest Haiti w/ income producing crops We only ask once a year : Help Haitian farmers build a coffee seedling nursery that provides income AND reforestation. Our Goal = $4000 for a nursery near Fond Jean Noel. Donations are 100% tax deductible. $3,135 donated of $4,000 goal Donate

Meet Gonzales Seignon, Metal Artist

Metal artist, Gonzales, Croix des Bouquet Haiti

We spent a day in April 2016 interviewing some of the Rooster’s metal artists to learn more about their lives, inspirations, dreams for their city, selves. We learned many things — including that employment choices for Haitians are kinda dismal. Haitians tend to “choose” jobs around a couple of things: where they live and anything that brings in money. Even … Read More

Cherry Hills Community Church

Empower Haiti

Singing Rooster helps lots of groups reach goals in Haiti — like Cherry Hills Community Church of Denver.  They’re building a church in Haiti using coffee and chocolate proceeds.  It’s a new concept — raising money while supporting Haiti’s small producers. Here’s how they’re doing it: Help build our church! Drink coffee! Haitian coffee is classically Caribbean – Chocolaty sweet … Read More