10 Things you didn’t know about Santa

Best Christmas present ever from Haiti

Today is St. Nicholas Day — the day we celebrate a generous man known as Santa Claus (the Dutch referred to Saint Nicholas as “Sinterklaas”). We’re having fun with little known facts about Santa St. Nicholas was born to wealthy Greek parents in Turkey.  He lived most of his life as a bishop, born in 270 AD and died at age 73. Initially buried in Turkey, his remains were stolen around 1087 by Italian merchants then rescued several hundred years later by a distant Irish … Read More

After Initial Surge of Relief, Longterm Vision is required in Haiti

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Only $2700 from our seedling nursery goal! There’s a reason Giving Tuesday came into existence; we need to cleanse our soul after over indulgence from a hearty Thanksgiving meal, excess drink, and too much shopping. We’ve launched a fundraiser for a seedling nursery near Camp Perrin — a small village on a hillside near Les Cayes that suffered extreme loss.  We’re $2700 from our goal. Thanks for pushing us over! Hurricane Matthew Update: Thanks to our many friends who have asked how we (staff, farmer partners, … Read More

Lemon-Ginger Haitian Chocolate Bars – new wholesale pack

fund raise with chocolate bars, Haiti

We’re getting GREAT feedback on our new Haitian chocolate bar line.  A couple months ago, we began by wholesaling 3 different packs: 25 bar variety pack (5 bars of each flavor) 25 bar peanut-moringa pack 25 plain pack 6 weeks after launch – we’ve been inundated with requests for a lemon-ginger pack: “Your lemon ginger is sublime. It melts in your mouth and compliments the rich, dark chocolate.  I want to purchase by the carton !” You asked.  We answered. New:   25 bars of organic lemon-ginger … Read More

Veteran’s Day Reminds Us We’re One Nation

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Veterans Day, November 11th As we remember and thank our past and present Americans who have served our country, it puts petty and not so petty differences into perspective. Let’s give pause this day and recognize our collective strength and goals. Let’s give thanks to those among us who gave their lives, families, health, and emotional spirit to fighting for basic American rights, like voting. These brave souls protect our liberty, freedom of religion, and yes, even our right to peacefully assembly and protests. There … Read More

BEST Halloween Costumes EVER – share yours


Halloween is a great time to cut loose, have a little fun. Here are some of our favs — please share yours! Make your 2016 Halloween the best ever:  introduce friends and family to #Haitianchocolate.  Tell them that directly supporting farmers through Singing Rooster is a pathway to Haitian autonomy.  Building a #selfsustaining Haiti is our collective goal, and opening up direct market access for farmers is brilliant (if we do say so ourselves).

Night before Hallow’s Eve Pranks


Since Hurricane Matthew – we (like thousands) have been in crisis mode overtime.  Laughter reduces stress.  October 30th is a fitting day for a chuckle.  In fact, the eve prior to Halloween is our national be naughty night. It’s the one night a year kids big and small are allowed to prank friends and neighbors. Here’s what some around the country call it: New Jersey = mischief night New York = Goosey Night or Hell Night Massachusetts = Cabbage Night Detroit = Devil’s Night North and South Dakota = Mat Night (huh?)  Anyone … Read More

What’s better than a Silent Auction?

silent auctions suck

A marketplace. We know you’re in the middle of fundraising season.  We also know the HOURS (days, months) you’ve spent on the (staff dreaded) silent auction. If you’ve ever questioned the cost-benefits of the silent auction, we have a solution. This year at your annual gala – put up a small marketplace / table of goods sourced directly from people (artisans, farmers) who benefit from sales. A producer-direct marketplace is the perfect alternative:  you save valuable time while raising money and folks go home with something special. … Read More

New Haitian Chocolate Bars

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Singing Rooster’s New Haitian Chocolate Bars: 70% Dark, luscious chocolate bars, 5 choices, ONE really important reason:  Haiti’s cacao farmers win plain lemon with melt in your mouth ginger pieces orange crunch (toasted nibs) peanuts covered w/ moringa cinnamon/cayenne Haitian chocolate is rare and has notes of Red Fruit, Hazelnut, Jasmine, Licorice, and White Pepper.  Plus, our little includes (ginger, peanuts, orange, moringa & cinnamon) pay homage to all things important to Haiti. nonGMO      vegan      gluten &  soy free      superfood … Read More

Jute or Sisal Coffee Sacks work GREAT in the Garden

recycle coffee sisal jute sacks

Hey Garden Store or Nursery:  Jute or Sisal Coffee Sacks work GREAT in the Garden Recycle Coffee Sacks: 4 Easy Steps for Growing Potatoes in a Recycled Coffee Jute or Sisal Sack Roll sack down (you’ll roll up / add dirt as plants grow). This is easiest with two people as the sack can be resistant depending on material. The sack should look like a thin doughnut. Add 3 inches of soil—enough to totally cover the bottom. This should be regular garden soil—nothing too rich. Potatoes … Read More

Apple Dumpling Day Recipe


Happy National Apple Dumpling Day!   Did you know apples rarely grow in tropical countries? Apples are hard to find at supermarkets in Latin America and the Caribbean – but really, who cares as long as you can eat Haitian mangoes and avocados! Apples are rich in antioxidants, flavanoids, and fiber. The phytonutrients and antioxidants are believed to help reduce the risk of developing cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. Be grateful for our bounty by making an apple dumpling this weekend: purchase or make pastry for a double-crust pie … Read More