Haitian Chocolate (and raw cacao for candy makers)


In early 2015,  Singing Rooster began working with a small farmer cacao cooperative in Haiti.  Cacao is the raw form of cocoa (roasted) that’s converted into chocolate.  Unlike the bulk of the world’s cacao – Haiti’s crops represent the elite:  top 3% of cacao produced on Earth. The photo above illustrates the cross section of a Criollo (cree-yo-yo) seed — … Read More

Rooster’s New Website


We’ve been working on a new site for longer than we’d like to admit. It’s done (well, mostly because these things are never really done). We hope the new streamlined site allows for easier shopping — especially wholesale orders (there’s a quick, 1-page shop feature we’re really proud of). We appreciate you suffering along with our growing pains & apologize … Read More

Haitian Coffee Now in Canada

Haitian coffee – Canada

Haitian coffee – Canada We’re partnering with a Canadian rooster, er roaster, to provide our friends north of the border delicious Haitian coffee.  We carefully roast — so beans don’t get too dark & lose flavor (dark shiny beans are great for photos, not for drinking). Canadians can now enjoy a daily cup of Haitian without expensive shipping costs. Tasting … Read More

Rooster’s Farmer Partners: WIN Cup of Excellence


Just Launched:  Tete Source — perfect for espresso application, French press or drip brew. Small but Powerful Tete Source, a farmer-owned cooperative, is tiny. After harvesting cherries – they convert HOMES into processing centers. As a community, they combine housing (sleep on each others floors) so that they may use “extra” houses for materials required for harvest. In March, 2015, Tete Source … Read More