What will you cover in chocolate today?

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In honor of National Cover Anything with Chocolate Day, the staff at Singing Rooster are having fun with #haitianchocolate.

Head Rooster Molly: “Chocolate covered corn dogs with a side of yellow mustard?  There’s nothing better.” Later in the break room, she admitted that there are probably 1,000 things that are better, but she wouldn’t elaborate.


Coffee Ambassador Corinne’s favorite chocolate covered confection? Crickets.

“When in the peace corps in the South Sudan, we ran out of food and roasted crickets.  We were thankful for dental floss.”


Not to be outdone, Christophe (the Rooster’s jack of all trades) drizzled a light coating of melted Haitian plain chocolate on a plate of French fries.

In a delicate French accent, he was overheard saying “This is yummy.”

The office anarchist Sarah covered non-free range, genetically modified and gluten infused bacon in chocolate. Even Jason (the occasional vegetarian) thought it was tasty.


Bjarne, the intern from Norway, thought everyone was being wasteful and sarcastically covered his head in peanut butter.   Joel (head roaster) swiped a piece of #haitianchocolate across his cowlick and popped it in his mouth. Norwegians  have tempers.  When Bjarne settled down, we informed him that “cover things in peanut butter day” wasn’t until April.


What’s your favorite thing to cover in #haitianchocolate?

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Haiti has some of the rarest cacao on the planet.  Learn more about how Singing Rooster is helping small cacao farmers in Haiti to build better businesses.