Meet Louis Omiscar, Haitian oil drum artist, Dad, Husband

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Timeline, Port au Prince: Father’s Day, 2022

This father’s day we salute one of our long-term artist partners, Luis Omiscar. He lives in Haiti’s Iron Village, Croix des Bouquets Haiti, with his wife and 2 children.

louis family
Louis is pictured with his wife, Flerismé Kettie, and daughter, Christelle (not pictured is his son, Ashley)

Louis was born in 1987 in Haiti’s metal art district of Croix de Bouquet.  He began his work in the Iron Village at the young age of 8.  His Uncle Elly Thenor taught him the trade.  Louis recalls sitting in Elly’s studio watching him chisel metal, “I was amazed how fast he could go without hurting his fingers.”  Now in his 30s, Louis enjoys crafting pieces inspired by nature; he has a special preference for bumble bees and butterflies, “I like how they sit on the flower – so delicate.”

curly tree haiti
Singing Rooster Carries Louis’ Curly Tree of Life in 3 sizes

Louis enjoys working with fellow artists in the village; they spend long hours talking, working, and designing new pieces. It takes Louis 3 hours to cut, chisel, and stipple a single garden stake; painted stakes take an hour longer.  He crafted this sunflower in collaboration with Singing Rooster’s Molly. They enjoy working together a lot: “Even if he didn’t greet me warmly and quickly offer me an ice cold beer, we would still be great friends.” Louis’ ambition is to be recognized internationally, and his dream is that his home town receive more visitors.  He is only one of two in his extended family who is employed; as such, he supports his mother, father, 2 sisters, his wife and 2 children.  He also supports his mentor, Uncle Elly.

buy Metal garden art online
Louis’ sunflower garden stake has been a staple at Singing Rooster for Years.

When he was younger, he said it was a challenged to get paid, “Sometimes the boss kept all the money.  Now artists are challenged with finding and affording material.” Since sharing this particular hardship, #Singingrooster has purchased oil drums for artists — thanks to donations from our thoughtful customers!

From Oil Drum into Canvas

Here’s a 7-minute video of Louis demonstrating the art of transforming an oil drum into a canvas in the Iron Village:

Your Purchase Makes a Difference

With Singing Rooster’s support across the years, Louis was able to finish his modest cinderblock house. We have an open invitation to visit, and someday we will. Louis also saved up enough money to partner with fellow artist and friend Gonzalez. Together they purchased a motorcycle that they rent out as a moto taxi. The extra income helps Louis pay for school tuition.

If you’re interested in putting Haitian art on your shelves or folding it into a pre-existing fundraising event, read through our Frequently Asked Questions — it covers minimum order, ship fees + a description of offerings:

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