Want to live longer? Drink (Haitian) Coffee

live longer, drink (Haitian) coffee

We’ve said it before — coffee is good for you*

*as long as you keep our the good stuff … you know, sugar, cream, booze.

Two new 2017 studies say drinking coffee daily leads to a longer life.  Over half a million people across 10 European countries participated in one study.  The second study focused on hundreds of non-white participants.  Both revealed coffee may significantly reduce a person’s risk of mortality (fancy word for death).

People who drank 2 cups of coffee daily had an 18% less likelihood of dying.

Both studies continue to support prior evidence that coffee reduces the risk or impact of certain diseases including heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease.  What’s interesting about these new studies is that results were not related to race or geographical position — leading researchers to believe that the health benefits was related to coffee drinking vs. biology or lifestyle.

French Haitian coffee, roasted dark

Vive la cafe and celebrate your 18% less chance of dying today!  (researchers have such a way with words)

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Keep calm and Storm the Bastille.

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