Irish (Haitian) Coffee Recipe

irish haitian coffee recipe

Irish Coffee Recipe

It’s mid-March, and we’re all waking up to spring.  And the coronavirus.   Warm summer nights are far away; keep the spring chill at bay with an easy-to-make Irish Haitian coffee.  Naturally, Singing Rooster’s recipe uses delicious Haitian coffee because the smooth, mellow taste is perfect for any drink recipe.


2 ounces Irish whiskey (or Barbancourt?)
2 teaspoons brown sugar
6 ounces freshly-brewed strong black Haitian coffee  (Tete Source is our favorite for recipes!)
2 teaspoons whipping cream


Place a teaspoon in a cup with hot water to heat; let sit until ready to use.

Preheat a stemmed glass (7-ounce coffee cup may be substituted) with hot water so that it is good and warm.  Empty when warm.

Add brown sugar to the bottom of the glass. Fill with strong black Haitian coffee to within 1 inch of the top; stir gently until sugar is dissolved. Add Irish Whiskey; stir again and let sit until the mixture is still.

Using the hot teaspoon, place the spoon (back side up) in the goblet. Gently pour the prepared whipped cream over the back of the teaspoon (held just above the coffee’s surface). Gradually raise the spoon as you slowly pour in the cream. This will result in a layer of liquid cream that floats on top of the coffee. Do not stir the cream in the coffee.

Drinking the coffee through the layer of cream results in the rich, authentic flavor that the coffee’s drinkers originally enjoyed. Irish coffee is best enjoyed by sipping coffee through the cream.

Makes 1 serving.

You’re welcome.

Who invented the magical elixir known as Irish Coffee?

Depends who you ask.

Some believe Joe Sheridan, head chef at an airbase restaurant and coffee shop in Limerick invented the drink.  In 1942, he added whiskey to the coffee of some disembarking passengers so they would remember the emerald isle.

Stanton Delaplane, a travel writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, maintains he brought Irish coffee to the United States after drinking it at Shannon Airport in1952.

It is also told that the original maker of the now infamous Irish coffee was invented by Joseph Jackson, of Jackson’s hotel Ballybofey county Donegal, who whilst fighting in World War II made the drink in an effort to keep his fellow comrades awake through the night under attack from German soldiers. Following the war he brought the drink that he invented back to Donegal, making the first Irish Coffee.

No matter who to thank, we thank you at #SingingRooster – because your Irish coffee supports small producers in Haiti.