Happy B-day America from Singing Rooster


Time Magazine lists 240 reasons to celebrate America this 4th.

It’s a great read and reminds us why print is not dead.  Happy B-day America

Some of the Rooster’s favorite reasons include:

85 MILLION acres of national parks.

We’re generous – we give a BILLION+ every day to charity (yep, every day).

There’s more that unites than divides us; we keep seeking inclusion (1 in 10 of Americans is born in another country and our neighborhoods are more integrated than ever).

We Roosters wish all of you a wonderful, joyous 4th of July.  Eat a hot dog, play frisbee golf, roast a marshmallow.  Take 10 minutes to do nothing else but think about why you’re thankful to be here.  At this place.  In this time.

What’s your favorite 4th tradition?