Haiti’s Earthquake, 7 years later


Haiti’s Earthquake, 7 years Later: 2017

Send an email, text or call your favorite Haitian today with 4 simple words:  I remember with you.

Each January 12th we pause, remember, recommit.  Seven years ago today, the earth shook violently, 230,000 people died, and a country already stretched to the limits was tossed into chaos.  Thousands are still living in dismal conditions.

Then comes Hurricane Matthew in October.  Rebuilding the peninsula will take LONGER than the earthquake.  Entire cities washed off the map.

Haiti seems a dismal, endless list of tragedy season after season.

How does one stay committed in a place that challenges every aspect of our short attention span? (she asks from the comforts of a warm office next to a stocked refrigerator, clean water, and having never slept in a tent city where personal safety depends on a nylon wall)

Turns out there are characteristics that separate people who are (and are not) committed.

Those who decide to live all out vs. those who just (decide) to live are different.


  • requires raw, unrestrained almost blind dedication (ambition?)
  • devotes time whenever time permits
  • focuses on what’s important – including pivoting when it’s required
  • acquires new skills and solutions while remaining accountable
  • requires daily, weekly then monthly goal-setting
  • involves telling others what you are doing
  • excels when you join a community (surround yourself with like-minded people who expect your success)

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