Today We Give Thanks at #haitiancoffee

#haitiancoffee Thanksgiving

Dateline:  Thanksgiving, 2017.  Life gets busy.  We forget to acknowledge small things like clean water, tasty food, warm (safe) housing.  Take the next 30 seconds to recognize the abundance in your life (close your eyes, whisper thanks to the universe).  This is what we’re whispering today:  alphonse-fedner

We’re grateful for lifetime friendships made across these 9 years.

We’re thrilled about the new coffee roasting operation in Croix des Bouquets and seedling nursery in Beaumont (YOU helped to raise $10,000 after hurricane Matthew).

Thank you Jesus for the rain this year (harvest looks awesome!)

We’re joyous to have loyal customers (you purchased 15,000 chocolate bars and 60,000+ bags of coffee last year).

Along with gratitude, we ask that we have the strength to continue to create steady jobs…. we can’t say this enough.  With the Trump administration putting an end to provisional residency after Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, the tiny nation will receive an influx of 60,000+ people by July 2018.

These 60,000 people are moving BACK to a nation already starved and stressed
for steady employment.

If you have friends, family or nonprofit work in Haiti – this is BIG news (it’s big news to those required to leave too).

Years ago, Singing Rooster made a commitment to building better businesses (coffee, chocolate, art), and we’ve directly employed dozens (personally) and thousands (indirectly) by working with small producers across Haiti — building yields, improving business management, buying then transforming crops into higher value items.

When Haitians have the opportunity to put their own bread on the table, buy school books and pay for family visits to the doctor, Haiti is stronger.

Easier said than done.  But solving the unemployment problem in Haiti is hard, and we’re doing our part to help provide solutions, but we grow mostly by word of mouth.  If you know of a nonprofit involved in Haiti, introduce them to our Haitian coffee fundraiser (chocolate and art too).  Little by little, we know Haitian coffee and chocolate may change the face of a nation.

How will your friends, family or nonprofit cope?