Pledge to Drink Haitian (coffee cart fundraiser)

raise money w/ a Haitian coffee cart

Great Fundraising Idea Nonprofits:   Monthly Coffee Cart / Coffee Subscription

  1. 80% of adults drink and will spend $300+ a year on coffee — why not Haitian?
  2. Get folks to pledge / sign up to drink Haitian (for a year?).
  3. Distribute bags via a coffee cart / table on the first Sunday of the month.  At the office or school, put monthly coffee in the break room for pickup.
  4. Set and post a concrete goal for money raised.  Track progress, share photos, stories.

The big picture :

If just 50 of your supporter households drink Haitian for one year, you’ll raise $5,400: 50 x 3 bags/month x 12 months x $3 per bag

Add chocolate on special holidays & proceeds grow : Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day.
(our chocolate line is expanding– order periodically for special occasions)

The Details :

  1. Create a plan / set a concrete goal for money raised (cistern repair, books, trade school, vitamins).  Example plan
  2. Identify volunteers to coordinate orders & delivery — for example, staff a monthly coffee cart (add chocolate on special occasions).  Too often? How about first 2 Sundays every quarter!
  3. Announce a “pledge to drink Haitian” event to share goals, method.  Example flyer  (blank stationery ships w/ orders)
  4. Your group signs up for a wholesale account at Singing Rooster (top right corner of every page on site).  Forward  confirmation email back to the Rooster.  Then order our at-cost sampler.
  5. Hold your event & sign up supporters.  Use/modify our Sign up template

monthly-coffee-cartDistribution :   Set up a coffee cart / table on the first Sunday of the month where volunteers staff 3 months in a row (and train the next in line).   At the office, put monthly coffee in the break room.  Have a plan for people who don’t show or if they want to decrease or temporarily stop a month  (donate extra bags to the cause, give to friends, family?)  Have extra bags on hand to sell to folks who aren’t officially signed up.

* track progress towards goal attainment, post photos
** take advantage of Singing Rooster’s helpful marketing materials cut and paste photos, text to use on social media (on your website, Facebook, flyers, etc.)

Haitian coffee farmers win when you use Singing Rooster's fundraising program.

Farmers earn 66% from every bag. Building autonomy in Haiti is a lot of work – but it’s required. Learn more about the impact you’ll have by partnering w/ the Rooster.

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