Sustain Thousands – Eat Chocolate, Drink Coffee

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Come Alive this Spring – Renew Your Commitment to Building Autonomy in Haiti

Spring is a time of renewal for souls, nature, humans.

Finding a passion centered on helping others enlivens and enriches lives for both givers and receivers.  We invite you to share the passion of job creation in Haiti.  Your only task?  Drink Haitian coffee.  Eat Haitian chocolate.  Thousands will benefit.

Singing Rooster has been creating and sustaining jobs in Haiti since 2009. We are committed to strengthening farmer-owned cooperatives by building meaningful and lasting relationships centered around coffee and cacao agriculture.  We help improve agriculture, pay great prices for crops and open direct market access for farmers by converting crops into roasted coffee and chocolate.

Partnerships are important to us. Singing Rooster and 100K Jobs in Haiti collaborate to eradicate poverty by connecting Haitians to employment opportunities. Over 50% of Haiti’s population survives off the land; when farmers earn living wages from crops, Haiti is one step closer to autonomy.

We invite you to join Singing Rooster & 100K Jobs in reaching these goals –

Independence – Haitians have been farming cacao and coffee for centuries, but their crops are old, yields are poor, and techniques outdated.  For every bag of coffee or cacao sold, we plant an income-providing seedling.  

Stability – Sustainability and job security are necessary in Haiti. When you support farmer products, you support stability. 

Autonomy – by paying well for crops & opening up direct market access, there are no middlemen; when farmers reap full benefit of crops, their communities win.  Farmers earn 66% of each bag sold. 

Join Us

Add Haitian coffee and Haitian chocolate to an existing fundraiser.  Learn how.

Use coffee, chocolate to motivate supporters to fund a new project:  Ask supporters to pledge to drink Haitian coffee / eat chocolate for a year to fund a special project.  We have resources, ideas.

Connect a local grocery store to Haitian coffee & chocolate and earn commission (food cooperatives and INDEPENDENT coffee shops love our story). 

100K Jobs Haiti

Break out of your shell and join the 100K Jobs in Haiti network. The mission – to encourage, equip and connect job creators in Haiti for the purpose of increasing employment and eradicating poverty.

With your passions in tow, take the opportunity to give the same old ideas a fresh start. Complete your fundraising events with chocolate & coffee. Add a silent auction that includes Haitian art. Give donor gifts that exemplify autonomy – bags of coffee.


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Come alive by putting your skills to use, tapping into resources, capitalizing on opportunities & reconnecting – How?

With Singing Rooster.

Order your sample pack today — share the quality, the love.