#haitiancoffee salutes Mothers of Thiotte

Coffee Bean sorters, Thiotte, Haiti

Moms in Haiti need jobs. They want clean water, food security, access to schools and medicine. The coffee industry in Haiti employs thousands. Women working in coffee is significant: picking coffee cherries, sorting / processing coffee, and everything in between. We even know a handful of women farmers. We’ve known the coffee bean sorters of Thiotte for years. They’re a lively group of women who are thankful for employment. We salute them each year on this Day for Mothers:

Haiti’s Coffee Mecca – Thiotte

Thiotte (pronounced “choate” by Haitians) is Haiti’s coffee Mecca. It’s situated in a range of high elevation mountains in the south east — close to the Dominican Republic border. There is a small town here (where the beer is cold), but it’s more of an area vs. city. About 40,000 people call this place home. Coffee has a thriving industry here – farmers, pickers, processors, sorters, drivers. It’s one place in Haiti that has been successful at industrialized agriculture — and by industrialized, we don’t mean tractors, conveyer belts & big plantations. It’s the opposite across Haiti where plots of land are small, crops number in the dozens (not thousands), and EVERYTHING is done by hand: clearing fields, planting trees, maintaining crops, picking / sorting cherries.

In normal times, #Singingrooster offers a tourist coffee expedition to Thiotte. We showcase farms, the town, and even the place where the bean sorters work (it’s seasonal – so they’re not always sorting beans).

Visit Haiti / Thiotte with Singing Rooster

Want to join us for a trip to Haiti’s coffee lands? Read more about our trip to a Haitian coffee area/town details here. Then shoot us an email and tell us you want to be notified of our next trip: I want to know more about your next trip to the coffee lands – only 8 seats per trip