#haitiancoffee salutes Mothers of Thiotte

mother of all bombs is poverty

Moms in Haiti need jobs, not handouts. They want clean water, food security, access to schools and medicine. The coffee industry in Haiti employs thousands. Women working in coffee is significant: picking coffee cherries, sorting / processing coffee, and everything in between. We’ve known the bean sorters of Thiotte for years. They’re a lively group of women who are thankful for a job. How can you thank them? Put #haitiancoffee on the table each morning. Buy your 2 monthly bags of Haitian coffee online (even set up a coffee subscription).

Then DEMAND Governments spend money differently:

Haiti has 32,000 children who  languish unnecessarily in over 750 orphanages. At least 80% of these kids have one or two living parents who want them, but have no access to health, education or social services.  More importantly, even if those services did exist, parents couldn’t afford them as stable employment is rare.

Haiti is just an example of the types of problems faced by mothers around the world, but it doesn’t have to be like this.  There’s plenty to go around, and we simply choose to spend our time, energy, emotions, physicality,  and money elsewhere:

Cost of Military Action Against ISIS

Every hour, U.S. taxpayers fork over $615,482 for Military Action Against ISIS.

Cost of Pentagon Slush Fund

Every hour, U.S. taxpayers fork over $3.42 million for the Pentagon Slush Fund.

Cost of War in Afghanistan

Every hour, U.S. taxpayers fork over $4 million for War in Afghanistan; annual cost = 45 BILLION

Cost of War in Iraq

Every hour, U.S. taxpayers fork over  $117,035 for War in Iraq.

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001

Every hour, U.S. taxpayers fork over $8.36 million for War Since 2001.


And it’s not just the money.  Our soldiers come back maimed and damaged in ways that are and aren’t so obvious; their families and communities suffer for decades.
 Until we ask the tough questions, like why do we choose hatred, ego, and fear over love, respect, and peace? we’ll continue down an ugly path of destruction.
Hatred breeds hatred.
Mom always said “Kill him with kindness.”
Mom was right.
Until we come together as humans to agree on the things that matter (clean water, food and job security, safety, shelter, education, medicine?), we’ll continue to  perpetuate nonsense with an end result where everybody loses.  Yes, mom wants a little recognition this weekend; but let’s honor mothers of the world by asking the tough questions then getting to work to make changes.

#motherofallbombsisepoverty (stupidity, ego, fear, hatred)

What’s your idea of coming together to ask then solve the tough questions?