Haitian Chocolate (and raw cacao for #beantobar)

haitian cacao criollo

Certified organic Haitian chocolate (cacao) is a livelihood for thousands; learn how we’re leveraging the world’s hunger for chocolate to benefit small producers in Haiti.  If you’re a bean to bar maker, order a 3 pound sample of raw (unroasted) Haitian cacao.

In early 2015,  Singing Rooster began working with a small farmer cacao cooperative in Haiti.   Like our work with coffee farmers, we’re supporting autonomy-building by assisting cacao producers to farm better crops, build better businesses.  We bring proceeds back from chocolate bar sales & have built new fermentation tanks.  These tanks have doubled farmer capacity!

Cacao is the raw form of cocoa (roasted) that’s converted into chocolate.  Unlike the bulk of the world’s cacao – Haiti’s crops represent the elite top 3% of cacao produced on Earth.

The photo above illustrates the cross-section of a Criollo (cree-yo-yo) seed — rarest of all.  Now add in this:  it’s certified organic AND Singing Rooster is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. What this means for farmers is top dollar — ONLY because we help to create direct market access & return 100% of proceeds back to continue business growth and development.

When farmers reap full benefits of crops, rural areas flourish.

Haitian Chocolate (and raw cacao for #beantobar)

In August 2015, Singing Rooster offered Haiti’s sweetly seductive chocolate wrapped in a silky smooth, creamy 70% dark bar (tastes like milk chocolate with floral notes).



Haitian Chocolate (and raw cacao for #beantobar)In February 2016, we added Haitian chocolate bark to the lineup.  Dark Haitian chocolate w/ toasted cashews and a delicate cayenne spice.  The other bark was toasted coconut.  Both were tributes to Haitian culture.

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In September 2016, we partnered with a BIG bean to bar maker.  It was a resounding success. 

Unfortunately, our chocolate maker retired suddenly for health reasons (we wish him the best).

2019: gourmet chocolate bars:

haitian chocolate bar singing rooster
78% dark: roasted coffee, plain, salted nibs & Wisconsin craisins

Buy Singing Rooster’s Haitian chocolate online today.

Along with transforming cacao into chocolate bars, we sell raw cacao to bean-to-bar chocolate makers. Buy a 3 pound sample of unroasted Haitian cacao

Raw Haitian Cacao
Buy a sample of Raw Haitian Cacao

Proceeds raised from chocolate sales build additional fermentation tanks and cacao seedling nurseries.

Learn more about our work with Haiti’s cacao farmers.

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