Haitian Chocolate (and raw cacao for #beantobar)

haitian cacao criollo

Certified organic Haitian chocolate (cacao) is a livelihood for thousands; learn how we’re leveraging the world’s hunger for chocolate to benefit small producers in Haiti.  Then if you’re a bean to bar maker, order a sample / a few pounds of raw (unroasted) Haitian cacao.

In early 2015,  Singing Rooster began working with a small farmer cacao cooperative in Haiti.   Like our work with coffee farmers, we’re supporting autonomy-building by assisting cacao producers to farm better crops, build better businesses.

Cacao is the raw form of cocoa (roasted) that’s converted into chocolate.  Unlike the bulk of the world’s cacao – Haiti’s crops represent the elite:  top 3% of cacao produced on Earth.

The photo above illustrates the cross-section of a Criollo (cree-yo-yo) seed — rarest of all.  Now add in this:  it’s certified Fair Trade and Certified Organic.

In other words, this ain’t no Hershey chocolate (and for what it’s worth, Roosters love any kind of chocolate — we’re just saying Haitian chocolate is special).  What this means for farmers is top dollar — ONLY because we help to create direct market access & return 100% of proceeds back to continue business growth and development.

When farmers reap full benefits of crops, rural areas flourish.

Haitian Chocolate (and raw cacao for #beantobar)

Haiti produces rare cocoa – top 3% on earth.

In August 2015, Singing Rooster began offering Haiti’s sweetly seductive chocolate for sale online:  a silky smooth, creamy 70% dark chocolate bar (tastes like milk chocolate with floral notes).

In February 2016, we added Haitian chocolate bark to the lineup:  toasted coconut or spicy cashew.

Haitian Chocolate (and raw cacao for #beantobar)

wholesale discount Haitian chocolate onlineIn September 2016, we went for it & partnered with a BIG bean to bar chocolate maker and launched a full flavored chocolate bar line:  lemon ginger, orange crunch, peanuts enveloped in moringa, cinnamon cayenne, and luscious plain.  Buy Haitian chocolate online today.

Along with transforming cacao into chocolate products for farmers, we reach out to bean-to-bar chocolate makers — to tell them about the wonderful qualities of this rare bean:  certified fair trade, certified organic.

Raw Haitian Cacao

Buy a sample of Raw Haitian Cacao

Proceeds raised from chocolate sales go towards building additional fermentation tanks and cacao seedling nurseries.

Singing Rooster supports small farmer cacao cooperatives in Haiti.  Want to help?  Eat Haitian chocolate: rare & silky.  Certified Organic & Fair Trade

Learn more about our work with Haiti’s cacao farmers.

Buy a sample / a few pounds of raw (unroasted) Haitian cacao — bean-to-bar chocolate makers are LOVING it!


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